WWE Encyclopedia cover unveiled

Since WWE.com released the cover of the upcoming second edition of the WWE Encyclopedia, I’ve received an overwhelming amount of comments. If I haven’t replied to all of you yet, please know that I am truly grateful for all your support.

Most comments were simple “congrats,” while others commented on how fun the cover is and some wanted to know how this edition differs from the original. Well, I haven’t seen the completed product yet, so I can’t speak to all the new parts. But I do know that there are somewhere around 200 ALL-NEW entries from a wide array of names, including:

  • Daniel Bryan
  • Al Wilson
  • Kanyon
  • Anonymous Raw General Manager
  • Jamison
  • Joe McHugh
  • Brodus Clay
  • Matt Morgan

Also, all the entries that were in the original version that needed updating were certainly updated. But that’s not all, there’s tons of new photos, title histories, pay-per-view updates and much more.

Of the nine books that I’ve had the privilege to pen, I must say that I’m most excited about this Encyclopedia, mainly because of all the support and feedback I’ve received on Twitter and Facebook. For that, I thank you all; keep the communication coming.

Oh, and PRE-ORDER THE BOOK HERE … you know, before it’s sold out.


  1. PG16says:

    Will Chris Benoit be featured in this edition? Or will he be erased from it just like he was from everything else?

    • Kevin Sullivansays:

      He was in the first edition and I assume he will also be in the second edition.

  2. John Krafelssays:

    How in the heck did you guys leave matt Morgan out of the 1st edition? He along with Nathan Jones,Big Show,ATrain,Brock Lesnar made up the largest team in Survivor Series history. Does this mean Nathan Jones too will be included?

    • Kevin Sullivansays:

      Hi John,
      Leaving Matt Morgan out of the first edition certainly was not by design. He is in the 2nd edition, though. So if you’re a Matt Morgan fan, you’ll be happy. Thanks for reading.

  3. Ryan Callejasays:

    Hi, First of all! WOW and can’t wait for this, it’s going to be super-fantastic!!! :) I would like to know about all new somewhere around 200 NEW entries.. so this means even stars like Jinder Mahal, Antonio Cesaro, Sin Cara, Kharma?? thx alot! and again, I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!! :)

    • Kevin Sullivansays:

      I don’t think Antonio is in there… The others you mentioned most likely are in there.

  4. can we have cm punk in his best in the world plus nexus entry in this new wwe encyclopedia book?please give us a little bit of any superstars entry in this book……thanx much..love u

  5. can we have cm punk in his best in the world plus nexus entry in this new wwe encyclopedia book?please give us a little bit of any superstars entry in this book…

  6. and sheamus in his current red attire he wore since royal rumble 2012 and big show in his camo attire since last year 2011 survivor series featured in this book?and daniel bryan current stylelook?i hope there will be more entry & introduction for all superstars than the past encyclopedia……i hope there are good news in your reply..thanx…

  7. richardsays:

    Are Doug Furnas and Phil Lafon, Johnny Parisi and Who included in this edition?

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